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185 Siam Niramit Bangkok Show with Buffet Dinner and Roundtrip Transfer
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Siam Niramit Bangkok Show with Buffet Dinner and Roundtrip Transfer (PK00940BKK05)

Package Inclusive

  • Entrance ticket for Siam Niramit Show                      
  • Thai & Western Buffet Dinner
  • Shared transfer (Hotel - Siam Niramit- Hotel)

Booking Period: 15 Sep 2014 to 31 Oct 2018
Travel Period: 15 Sep 2014 to 31 Oct 2018

Siam Niramit Bangkok Show with Buffet Dinner and Roundtrip Transfer

Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam

For over seven centuries, Siam has been home of diverse cultures, a cross-road where civilizations meet.In Act 1, Siam Niramit takes you back to the past to witness...

Act 1. Journey Back to History
The North : The Ancient Kingdom of LannaThe King and Queen lead a procession to worship relics of the Lord Buddha. They release a ceremonial lantern then the royal guards perform a display of swordsmanship.

The South Sea : Traders from OvreseasIn the south, Thai Buddhist and Muslim cultures blend harmoniously. Chinese merchants arrive from across the seas to barter goods.

The Northeast (Issan) : Hertage of the Khmer CivilzationVillagers celebrate the religious festival in front of the sacred temple. Suddenly an ancient and revered Khmer temple, appears before their eyes. “Apsara” (angels) magically come to life.

The Central Plains : Ayutthaya... The Mighty CapitalThe peasants live a simple life, cultivating rice in the fertile soil of the Central Plains. Life in the palace, in contrast, is very grand, as Western ambassadors arrive to discuss foreign relations. Witness the magnificent procession of royal barges.

Act 2. Journey Beyond Imagination : The Three Worlds
Despite their diverse cultures and livelihoods, Thai people are all bound by a common belief in the religious principle of the Law of Karma. Good deeds or bad deeds in this world result in merit or suffering in the next life.In Act 2 we visit the three realms central to traditional Thai beliefs...

Blissful Heaven :
Heaven, where Indra, the greatest deity of all, presides. Angels perform an elegant aerial dance.

Fiery Hell :  
Fiery Hell, where the flames are fuelled by peoples sins, is ruled by Phrayom, King of Hell. He ensures that the condemned souls receive punishment that matches the nature and gravity of their crimes. Liars have their tongues torn out; alcoholics are forced to drink from a cauldron of boiling water; adulterers must climb a tree bristling with sharp thorns…

Mystical : Himapaan
Himapaan is a mystical forest that exists at the boundary between our earthly realm and heaven. This beautiful and mysterious forest is populated by magical creatures such as kinaree (half woman-half bird), and nareepon (beautiful girls born from trees as fruit)... In this scene,we see Mekhala & Ramasoon, demi-gods who are believed, in Thai mythology, to be the progenitors of lightning and thunder.

Act 3. Journey Through Joyous Fesivals
Thai Buddhists believe that to go to heaven, one must gather merit on earth. Thai culture is full of a wide variety of merit-making festivals, which combine religious ceremony with colourful and joyful celebration, for example, Ordination Ceremonies, Songkran, the Phitakhon Ghost Parade, Loy Krathong etc.

Tour Itinerary

  • 17.00 hrs. : Pick up from hotel
  • 17.30-19.59 hrs. : International Buffet Dinner and free time at leisure
  • 20.00 hrs. : Show time
  • 21.30 hrs. : Send back to hotel

  • Pick up is available in selected areas and hotel with parking  lot only, please  send  email  at for further inquiry.
  • Closed : 26 Oct 2017 and 2 December 2017

Please call Asia Travel Number : +66 2 6797185 or +66 2 6797187 for further information.

Pickup Time: 17.00 hrs. (Evening)

Tour Starts Time: 17.30 hrs. (Evening)

Duration: 4 hours

Siam Niramit Bangkok Show with Buffet Dinner and Roundtrip Transfer

  • Please be at the hotel lobby at least 10 minutes before the pick-up time. The tour guide will be waiting for you at the hotel lobby and will be waiting maximum 10 minutes after the advised pick-up time. In case you cannot be located or contacted, the tour will commence as scheduled and payment for unused tour will not be refundable.
  • Please be aware that when you book with us, please use the same name that you use when you check- in at your hotel in order to avoid any misunderstanding when our tour staff comes to pick you up at your hotel lobby.  
  • In case you advise us different name when you book a tour, please call to inform us your room number before your tour date to help us locate you. Failure to advise us your room number may cause you to miss the tour bus (no show). Asiatravel reserves the right not to give you back any refund in case of no show.
  • Itinerary maybe changed subject to traffic situation / or weather condition.
  • Children rate apply to those between the heights of 90-140 cm. Children over 140 cm. must pay adult rate.
  • **Pick up is available in selected areas and hotel with parking  lot only, please  send  email  at for further inquiry **.

Please call Asia Travel Number : +66 2 6797185, +66 2 6797187 or +66 89 6644510 for further information.

Terms & Conditions

  • Customer name entered in the booking form to follow passport.
  • For entry visa and transit visa, passports should have a minimum of 6 months validity after completing the journey.
  • It is the customer responsibility to obtain all Entry Visa or Transit Visa.
  • It is customer responsibility to check carefully for any errors made in the booking details, flight itineraries and travel vouchers immediately upon getting them.
  • Please pay attention to the billing currency indicated on the package. Billing currency would be the currency in which you will be billed in.
  • Prices are subject to surcharges during Peak season and Holiday season.
  • Asia Travel staff provides advisory information but do not undertake any responsibility whatsoever for any changes of information.
  • Prices and ticketing conditions are subject to change without prior notice before issuance of travel voucher.
  • Prices are not guaranteed until travel vouchers are issued and full payment has been received.
  • Asia Travel reserves the right to cancel any bookings
  • Any cancellation /amendment will be subject to charges. Please refer to Asia Travel Cancellation/Amendment Policy.
  • All packages are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  • Any amendment after travel vouchers have been issued will be considered as a cancellation of the existing booking. Cancellation charges will be applied accordingly. Please refer to Asia Travel Cancellation Policies.
  • Email address must be correctly furnished. As a customer, you agree to accept email as a means of communication and delivery of Travel vouchers and confirmation of your booking. In doing so, you agree not to hold liable for any non-receipt of travel voucher or email confirmation.
  • As an additional measure to protect our customers, may request for photocopies of your credit card (back and front) and a Credit Card Authorization Payment Form to exclude the possibility that the card is being used by a third party, even after payment has been made. As a customer, you agree to cooperate and provide the necessary documents to if such a need arises.
  • Tickets are not to be used for touting purpose.
  • Tickets are sold for foreign and inbound visitors to the park.

Siam Niramit Bangkok Show with Buffet Dinner and Roundtrip Transfer
October 2017
Everything was according to plan. No problem.

January 2017
We ate lunch ariund 2pm so when we had dinner in Niramit Show my daughter did not even eat and just asked for a coke which i have to buy😟 But the food was good and a very wide variety and selection. My 3rd time watching Niramit Show but i was happy that my daughter enjoyed the show so much and she enjoyed taking pictures with the cast afterward.

January 2017
Roundtrip Transfer - pickup a slight 5 minutes late which is acceptable and the return trip is very organized by allocation of the pickup vehicle number. Buffet Dinner - within expectation Siam Niramit Show - Excellent, was very impressed with the stage, performers were good too.
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